i hate writing essays

i hate writing essays

I hate writing essays
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My stats are right on the average of my first choice, so my essay is the make or break for me. I just feel a ton of pressure to both get my personality across and to entertain the admissions officer who reads it. It seems almost impossible not to fall into the countless cliches at certain points in the essay. I’ve read books on essay writing and seen examples of great essays, but I just never have experienced a single event or know about a single subject that I could write an incredibly thorough and interesting 1-page paper on.
Wow, now I understand why people hate the admissions process. I have 3 essays due by December 10th. Since I’m taking the SAT on Dec 4th, I decided I better get my essays done during the Thanksgiving break. I did the first one tonight, and it was absolutely horrible. I had the TV on, which may have been part of the problem. But anyway, I spent about 3-4 hours just writing and analyzing and rewriting and analyzing and rewriting.

So I end up writing lame essays
like when it comes to Literature, the essays are always so lame, like “Relate this to that?” “What does this represent?”