Only a month or so ago, we published a post about Manual Arts High in South Central LA
Well it was an honour to visit in person on my recent trip to LA
Mark is an inspiring person with roots in LA graffiti he is now a high school art teacher,still connected to the scene, many famous local and international artists from around the world have painted at the school making it a a rare and unique gallery of its own kind that inspires the kids daily.

I got to paint there myself and talk with the kids,

Unfortunately I heard yesterday that I was the last to ever paint there,the principal has stopped the program and Mark has been let go due to cut backs,





Founder of Write On Africa Ricky-Lee Gordon paints as Freddy Sam in and around the Woodstock area. This video is for the Artist Network Program supported by RVCA. The mural is of Juma and Willard to guys Freddy Sam works with who are from Zimbabwe.
Shot and Edited by [email protected](Makulu Visual Arts)
Music by Gary Morris


Boamistura were kind enough to get help out writeonafrica and do some painting on our behalf,

Velokhaya is a cycling academy in Khayelitsha. Safmarine asked Marc and Lyall from Thinking to provide a few basic facilities while brightening things up. Seeing as Velokhaya is increasingly becoming a community centre, every change was made with the aim of forming a space that makes people want to spend time there. It was also important to create greater presence around the academy and in this sense Boamistura /Writeonafrica painted a brilliant Mural that also communicates the centres purpose. Other interventions include seating with storage, braais, misting systems, benches and a wall of wind mobiles scratched with wishes.

See Boamisturas travel blog for more on their khayalisha adventure,,:

African Acces

We would like to thank our new sponsors “African Access” who generously support our large scale mural initiatives,with the use of there cranes
without these cranes these murals would be impossible to execute so we are very grateful and are excited about all the big walls we can now create,

Here are some images from the murals created within the last few weeks already,

Artist:Freddy Sam
Photo:Rowan Pybus

Photo:Jonx Pillemer


Photo:Jonx Pillemer