We spent the afternoon with Gavin Khumalo from SWANNEPA (Swaziland National Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS), who informed us about the work they do. According to SWANNEPA, their mission statement for people living with HIV/AIDS to interact with a greater and more meaningful involvement towards an AIDS competent society.

SWANNAPHA runs numerous projects to empower, inform and educate people infected by HIV/AIDS. One of the sister projects we were introduced to was the backyard garden project. The aim of this project is to promote physical health and sustainability by educating people how to maintain their own backyard gardens. We met Dumsile Mathabela who successfully sustains her own garden consisting out of spearmint, spinach, tomatoes, beetroot and strawberries on top of a mountain.

Dumsile Mathabela

Gavin Khumalo