Day three held many new learning experiences for us. Our first stop was to Eswatini Kitchen Honey, producers of honey, whose mission statement is to “work together with rural communities in Swaziland to produce a premium grade honey and make people’s lives better through trade”. They form part of the Manzini Youth Care centre, a not for profit, community service organization. All the proceeds from the honey goes back into helping people in Swaziland.

Their aims:
-buy honey from rural beekeepers
-train rural people to be beekeepers, helping them earn a sustainable income
-support orphans and marginalized youth through training programmes
-support 800 children with school bursaries and
-feed 900 children every day through community support programmes.

At the Likusasa Life Skills development they offer various educational courses including catering, plumbing, electronics etc. Students pay a minimum fee to be able to enroll. It was an amazing experience to be able to visit the various classrooms and seeing enthusiastic students being molded and taught. The center also rents out spaces to amongst others, graduate students, for a maximum period of 2 years. This provides aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to find their feet, equip themselves and grow their businesses.