Our second day kicked off with a scenic drive to the Sidl’iihloko Shiselweni region where we were introduced to an organization called NATTIC. Our journey brought us to an arid, yet majestic landscape where women and men met in distinct groups to take part in discussions facilitated by a NATTIC representative. The discussions center around relationship issues, HIV/AIDS and marriage.

After a lengthy discussion, the two groups merged to share their concerns and findings with each other.

We soon realized that though we were amongst a different culture, far removed from the reality we know, that there are certain core elements that all humans have in common.

People have a need to love and to be loved.
People have a need for respect.
People have a need to communicate,
and a need to be heard.
People have a desire for affirmation and comfort form others.

At the end of the day everyone queued for a traditional meal made up of Ofals pap, and cow head.