Write on Africa has been hard at work on the Greenpop initiative together with fellow creative activist Misha Teasdale who also worked on 1000 Drawings.

We love Misha and we love him even more for driving this project.

Get involved and join the GreenPop tree-volution by helping us plant 1000 trees in September. Last year, Capetonians came together and doodled 1000 drawings to raise money for charities from across the country, this year we’re going green and planting 1000 trees in the Cape metropolis. Green your community and plant a tree, or two or three!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. –
Plant a tree or two, or three!

Here’s a little video from our recent TREE HOUSE.

We came up with some green marketing ideas,

Reverse Graffiti
A dirty wall+ a high pressure hose and some imagination = A beautiful billboard/ Mural.

The parking bay take over:

A bench+some instruments +a roll of fake grass+some plants+ a bunch of creative hippies+ only R50 for the parking bay