Our painting crèche project received a R100 000 grant from Sappi to repaint 20 creches and print 2000 english/xhosa educational books for the children of Khaymandi. We are proud to announce the 20 illustrators/ artists/ designers who will be designing the 20 creches. The creative community is joining forces to induce positive social change in the lives of many. The project will be executed within the first six months of 2011.
Thank you to the additional support from Builders Warehouse we can now paint even more creches,
On this page we will tell the story as it unfolds:



Warwick Kay

Black Koki

Louis Barnard;=view&id;=19

One Horse Town


Karlien de Villiers

Wesley van Eeden

Dani Loureiro

Bruce Mackay

Lauren Fowler

Sindiso Nyoni

Michael Tymbios


Piet Grobler


Jean de Wet
[email protected]

Freddy Sam

Katrin Coetzer

Andrew Breitenberg
[email protected]

Jordan Metcalf


Check out this soft news insert on the Painting Creches project.

(credits:Kenny Wong, Chris Kotze and the Media Village)


On Saturday 31st July, a enthusiastic group of volunteers turned up to help paint Pozie crehce. This has been the smallest creche we’ve painted to date, but the impact that colour makes is none the less massive. The problem with most creches in Kayamandi is that they don’t advertise, and their buildings are not recognizable as creches, thus by painting it, it also serves the purpose of economic empowerment for the teacher. As well as providing the children with an imaginative environment to be taught in.


Our second creche in the painting creches series was completed on July 3rd. The creche was designed by Linsey Levendall according to a theme chosen by Sivuyile’s head teacher. The theme that was decided on was “happy local wild animals”. By the end of the day the building was unrecognizably bright. The children are ecstatic about their new creche.

A special thank you to all the volunteers and community members who, by working together, made this project a success!



We finally started to trace the outlines of Siyakhula creche, in preperation for the big painting day we had on 16th July. Armed with a mac, a projector and some permanent markers we successfully finished it in one evening.

Saturday came, and it was a massive success. Fifteen volunteers gave it their all and we finished painting Siyakhula in one day. What was quite extraordinary was the interaction between the kids, the volunteers, and the community. Everyone had a blast! It is truly amazing what can be achieved in one day and to finally see everything coming to life. Saturday morning Siyakhula blended in with all the neighbouring buildings. Saturday evening came and Siyakhula was completely transformed.

It is remarkably rewarding to see the children’s reactions to the images on the walls. I feel privileged to have been involved in the lives of Mable, and the other people at Siyakhula.

Many thanks goes out to everyone who helped make this project a success!



A few weeks ago, I visited Sivuyile (happiness) creche, just down the road from Siyakhula creche. There I met Dorothy, teacher and owner of Sivuyile. She was ecstatic about the prospect of her creche being transformed/ repainted/ redesigned.

We are proud to present our first collaboration in the painting creches project with illustrator/designer Linsey Levendall.

Dorothy and I had a long discussion about the essence of the creche, what is unique to the creche and the environment. From our discussion it was obvious that something both Dorothy and the children find fascinating is wild animals. Thus we decided the theme for her creche would be “happy local wild animals”. Educational material to accompany this theme has many possibilities.

A brief was set up and sent to Linsey… the result in the form of a proposal can be seen below. We think Linsey did a superb job in creating a friendly design that will surely have a remaining positive effect on the children and the environment.

We are excited to start painting next week.




I’m Xanele van Rensburg: creative activist and newly appointed ambassador for Write on Africa.

Introducing a new project: Painting Creches

See-Saw-Do is an initiative I’ve started driven by an inherent love and passion for children. The focus is kept on stimulating creative and mental growth in young minds.

The first branch of the project is repainting creches. Togerther with Write on Africa and sponsored by Plascon, the aim of this project is to encourage creatitivy and provide an imaginative environment for children by repainting the exterior of each creche with imagery relevant to the creche and its surrounding environment as to portray the unique qualities of each creche. The exterior of the creche should match the mental and creative stimulation that happens inside the creche.

The first creche to be repainted, Siyakhula creche, is run by Mable (mother, teacher and chef) and is situated in Kayamandi, Stellenbosch. Painting will start in June. See proposal below:

Watch this space for more updates and some collaborative work. The next creche will feature designer/illustrator Linsey Levendall from Bison.