As part of the launch of GREENPOP

(A new initiative we love and are helping with from a creative side of things.)

WORD OF ART studio was given a new lease on life this weekend,we hosted 35 kids from Masi Pumalenga kids community program,
With 15 dedicated volunteers the day was so simply beautifully easy.
The kids got creative and painted the posters needed to promote GREENPOP and then we served lunch and finished off with a walk in Newlands forest.
This was the prototype/pilot TREE HOUSE day ,but watch out for more as we hope to do them as weekly as possible.
Let us know if you wanna help 🙂
(There is another this coming Sat the 7th,so just let us know)

THE TREE HOUSE aims to become a place of inspiration,imagination and creativity.
Our laboratory for changing the world.

Pictures courtesy of Kate Ackerman
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