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In 2008 five artists set out on a 9 day road trip to the Transkei stopping off in communities along the way and painting art for the unsuspecting public.

Medium : “street art”.
6 communities in nine days. Huts, shacks, abandoned buildings, shabbeen walls and nursery schools.

Ricky Lee Gordon from Write on Africa, and Cal Burns from Matchboxology, the creative activists behind this initiative, are both passionate about this project growing and reaching more people,

Ricky wants to continue to travel and paint for the unsuspecting communities taking new artists along for the experience everyone time as he believes it is possible to paint sensitive social but positive messages to even those who are in remote places.

As an artist it just makes so much sense to me to interact with an audience.
I care about the issues we face here in Africa and there is a lot of work to be done

Next year we are planning to travel and paint for unsuspecting communities with new artists coming along for the ride at different parts of the trip.

Our journey was an incredible experience for us as people and impact-full on each of us as artists not to mention the many communities we left with color.

This trip wasn’t a crusade to change the world but rather a cultural experiment. We engaged with people we wouldn’t usually interact with,and our art allowed us to do this,our motivation was also art for arts sake,as we left with some amassing documentation of our work on these new landscapes.”

Freddy Sam
Hac one
Rowan Pybus(film/photography)
Jessie Doucha (Driver friend/chef/photography /happy thoughts)

Through the eyes of the public.
Open dialogue

The meaning (mood)

Questions to answer:
How can public art (if it can) help social problems?
How do I feel as an artist being in a place where my artwork can sometimes communicate better than I can.
What are we leaving behind?
We are not invited, how would people react to us?
What are the reactions after we leave?

Supported by:

The Scrutinize HIV campaign
Scrutinize is a national campaign being undertaken by USAID/Johns Hopkins University/JHU Program in South Africa in partnership with the popular youth brand Levis, other South African partners with creative incubation by Matchboxology.
Many experts have joined in providing Victor with the ammunition to give to you so that we can eliminate the element of the HIV surprise.

Mat©hboxology guides senior management to see social needs as market needs – aligning organisational growth and social growth as intertwined. The revolution of Marketing 2.0 is embracing that consumers and communities want to change the world for the better with their favourite brands and organizations.



WORD OF ART aims to create art projects and experiences rather then white-wall gallery shows. The Chapters to come will be reflective of what is happening around and within this new artistic subculture, which is a mix of street art, graffiti art, underground art, popular art, modern art and contemporary art. Internationally this movement is described as “New brow”, an evolution of “Low brow”, as it is claimed that it is not low and it is not high, it’s simply just new. The next chapters will fall into place when and how they are meant to be, just as how Chapter One organically took the shape it did, and allowed me to enjoy and learn from the experience together with the artists.